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Apple iPhone OS 4.0: Folders for apps

The Apple iPhone OS 4.0 event is just under an hour old and we have already learned that there will be 100 new features. The first and main one is multitasking, which you can read more about in our previous post. The second new feature is folders.

This new feature allows you to create a folder and drag an app into it, which is great for grouping certain applications. This new feature will make it much easier to find a certain app instead of scrolling through pages to locate it.

To do this, just press your finger on the apps and they jiggle as normal, and then just drag the desired app into the new folder. This now means that instead of only 180 apps on your iPhone, you can now fit 2,160 instead.

More information can be found on Engadget


  • gjain

    how do you create the folder though?

    • gjain

      figured it out. drag and drop one app over another. A new folder will be created with both apps in it.

      • GMH

        It would be nice if you could apply a picture or some type of symbol (icon) to the folder for an easy glance at the folder you want to access rather than reading the fine title below the folder.


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