Apple iPhone OS 4.0: Download dev preview today

By Peter Chubb - Apr 8, 2010

The Apple iPhone OS 4.0 event is now underway and Steve Jobs has just announced that you will be able to download a dev preview today. These developers will have access to calendar, photo library, quicklook and more.

Steve Jobs announced that he would be talking about 100 new features for the new OS; the biggest is multitasking – which we all assumed would be coming. Engadget explains that Jobs goes into details about how this new feature works and how it will not drain the poor performing iPhone battery.

Multitasking is great in the way that you can leave one app and the music will still play while in another, this includes the poplar Pandora application. You can even visit the iTunes store while the music is still playing.

There is so much more that multitasking can offer, which we will go into detail in a later post.

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