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Will Apple Unveil iPhone OS 4.0 and iPhone 4G?

Apple is to hold an event tomorrow to talk about the next generation iPhone OS, which many assume will be the iPhone OS 4.0. However, there are those of us who believe that Apple will take this opportunity to announce the details of the iPhone 4G – but that is just wishful thinking.

We know that Apple has plans for a new mobile OS, and will be the first time used on three devices, the iPhone, iPod Touch and the recently released iPad tablet device. If history is anything to go by, Apple will make the announcement of the iPhone OS 4.0 tomorrow, but will not make it available to download for at least three months – this is just what they did with version 3.0 in March 2009.

As for the iPhone 4G, Apple could announce this latest smartphone tomorrow, which could even be called the iPhone HD. Tomorrow’s event could also be the perfect opportunity to announce that the AT&T exclusivity will end and open the handset up to Verizon as well.

So the question is, Will Apple Unveil the iPhone OS 4.0 and iPhone 4G tomorrow?


  • Wendy Gernar

    So OS is just the software for the iPod touches, iPhones, and now the iPads, right? So when they say iPhone 4G, they mean the actual 4th Generation iPhone that is to be released. I'm wondering when the iPhone 4G will actually come out because I am looking into buying an iPhone, but I don't want to buy one, then a new comes out shortly after my purchase. Does anyone have any answers? Please and thanks!

  • I'm waiting for Sprint's HTC 4G to come out (soon)!

  • iPhone 4G sure would be nice. Another OS? I am not sure about that, though. How many tweaks are going to be necessary? I have to wait 'til May to upgrade to a newer version of the iPhone. I have an early Generation phone, but V3 upgrade. Instead of using Safari (slow), there is another browser App. one can download for free and surprisingly, I get fast downloads now.

  • JeremyWest

    Nope, they don't want any announcements that would cut into iphone 3g and 3gs sales.
    My guess is that they'll start leaking rumors in May and make an official announcement in June

  • moises

    please make it available for sprint network …

  • Kels

    Hopefully they will. I'm super anxious to hear about it.


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