Verizon iPhone: Were Big Red right to reject Apple?

We all know that Verizon is now trying desperately to get their hands on the iPhone, but did you know that they once had the chance to have the best selling smartphone but they rejected it. This seems like the biggest mistake that the Big Red has ever made – were they right to reject Apple?

You may be wondering why VZW threw away its chance to have the iPhone, and the simple answer is Steve Jobs. Social Media SEO explains that Apple’s CEO wanted too much control over the deal, and even wanted a cut from the profits made.

Apple did not like the idea of offering the iPhone to Verizon without applying certain limits, the Big red were having none of it and told Apple where to go. We wonder if they made the right decision – look how well AT&T have done from its iPhone exclusivity deal.

Verizon certainly did a number on its users; they are still unable to get the smartphone on the preferred network, but we hope that this will change this year. We recently reported that Verizon said that the chance of an iPhone on its network is Apple’s call.
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  • Michael

    If you recall, prior to the iPhone, VZW had complete control over handsets and required Palm to disable the WiFi radio in its devices. Apparently, VZW wanted people to pay for their data plan instead of using WiFi. Apple refused to do this and VZW rejected the iPhone. If nothing else, the iPhone was a game changer because it required VZW to add handsets with WiFi and shifted control over the design of handsets from the carrier back to the manufacturer.


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