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Sony Ericsson Vivaz Review: User Interface and Stability Issues

For those of you who want a smartphone with a decent camera, then Sony Ericsson would be the perfect choice. The best of their handsets in terms of camera quality would have to be the 8.1-megapixel Vivaz S60. This is the first cell phone capable of continuous autofocus while video recording in 720p.

Engadget has managed to get some time away from their iPad to offer us a full and extensive review of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz. The button layout is very much the same as its predecessor, but we need to point out that it does not come with a front-facing camera – something that we hope the new iPhone 4G will have.

The phone comes with a poor performing 3.2-inch resistive touchscreen, it feels good to touch but is often too spongy. The phone is Twitter friendly thanks to a very useful panel, making it easier than ever to tweet.

Engadget hopes that the Sony Ericsson Vivaz comes with a software upgrade soon, as it needs some tweaking to the user interface and there is still a stability issues. For a detailed review visit the link above.


  • kathleen

    I've owned a Vivaz tm for about two months. I purchased the phone primarily for the camera and video. When I first got the phone I had no problems uploading to my IMAC computer via the usb cable. Two months later…..nothing but issues. When I try to upload pictures I can recover most of them but the pictures that came on the phone upload along with them….every time. I can't get my videos to upload at all. No matter what I do…..nothing. I'm very frustrated at this point since I purchased the phone for those two features. I'm down to one feature and that one is sketchy. Would appreciate any helpful feedback.

  • Shaoul

    This phone seems to be incongruous.


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