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PS3 Custom Firmware v3.21: Adds Other OS support, Slim support

It has only been a week since PS3 hacker GeoHot vowed to explore Custom Firmware on the PS3, and now he has delivered. He has uploaded a video showing his custom 3.21 firmware, which retains support for the ‘Install Other OS’ option.

Most of you will be aware, that Sony removed this feature with the official firmware – a move that many gamers didn’t like too much.

GeoHot has now provided a custom firmware bypassing Sony’s security, and states that a release date will be available soon.

Interestingly, GeoHot also reveals that the CFW could run on the PS3 Slim, meaning that Other OS could be enabled on that system too. Pretty impressive, you have to say.

You can see his video demo here. Let us know your thoughts on this. We imagine a lot of you who didnt update are pretty excited.




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