Nexus One Car Doc now on sale: Price and details

By Peter Chubb - Apr 7, 2010

Google has finally released the Nexus One Car Dock, allowing you to now store your superphone safely in your vehicle. The new dock not only keeps your phone in place but also charges it as well – making it perfect for reading your free Google Maps while driving.

The handsfree dock comes with built-in speakers with a volume control, making the experience all the more better. The Nexus One dock comes complete with the Car Home app; this will start automatically allowing you to access all the features that the handset offers – such as Maps and Navigation, Contacts, Music and Voice Search.

Te great thing about this new dock is that it can either be placed on the windshield or dashboard, which means that you will not be left with those unsightly rings on the screen. To charge the unit you just need to plug it into your vehicles 12V utility socket.

The price of the Nexus One Car Dock is just $55 and can be purchased from the Google web store

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