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Net Neutrality FCC Case: Victory for Comcast

Whenever we hear that the FCC is to launch a case against someone, we always presume that they will win – but not so with the recent Net Neutrality issue with Comcast. The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the Federal Communications Commission failed in its bid to implement its legal authority against Comcast in 2008.

The ruling said that the FCC did not have the authority to regulate ISPs; this now throws into doubt if the FCC has any weight with the national broadband plan? This ruling has dealt a huge blow to the net neutrality rules; this is where companies such as Comcast have to treat all Internet traffic as equal.

Mercury News explains that without rules and guidelines, then Internet service providers will begin to favor certain users on their networks – this could result in users speed or data limits being reduced. There is even a possibility that high download users could be charged extra.

You can certainly see the pros and cons of this argument; do you think that these ISPs should favor those who do not download much?



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