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iPhone OS 4.0: When will you get to download?

You may be aware that Apple is to hold an event on April 8, 2010 on its future iPhone OS 4.0. Let us not forget that this is just an announcement and not a release – this will not be for at least another three months. We wonder when we will get to download?

Going on past experience, Apple will offer to us a preview of the new iPhone OS, with an intent to release it in the summer, which should be around about the time that they launch their new handset – the much-rumored iPhone 4G. However, the new mobile operating system for the best selling smartphone should be available for all models.

According to Guardian, the iPhone 4.0 OS will also be downloaded and installed on the 20 million or so iPod Touch devices and the recently launched iPad tablet. This will be the first time that an Apple iPhone OS has been used on three different devices – let us hope that they get it right.

It is no secret that iPhone OS 3.0 did not offer feature upgrades that they had hoped, this latest offering will be a chance for Apple to make it right. Here is a list of 25 features needed for iPhone OS 4.0.



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