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iPhone 4G and Verizon: Delusional release dates

We really have to laugh when we read some websites and offer readers delusional release dates on the iPhone 4G and Verizon version of the Apple smartphone. There is one website stating that Apple will unveil the iPhone 4G at an event tomorrow. But we all know that the Apple event is just to announce a new version of the iPhone OS, which we all assume is 4.0.

The website in question is Newsolio, they even state that the new iPhone 4G will be compatible with 4G LTE technology. Forgive me if I am wrong, but AT&T are still working hard to upgrade their 3G network and Verizon will not have their 4G technology ready until later next year.

So we know that there is no release date for the new iPhone yet, we do not even know if it exists. As for a Verizon version of the iPhone, WSJ claims that they have proof that it will be released by September.

However, this also seems to be wrong, as we recently reported that the Verizon CEO wants the iPhone, but the decision is down to Apple. At this moment nobody knows anything, it is all just speculation – Apple has struck again.


  • Kevin

    I tend to disagree. I am a current android user and i plan to switch to the iPhone as soon as its available on VZW. I disagree with the statement that the success of android will hurt the success of the iPhone. While in the short run, the competition may hurt the bottom line, the competitive pressure will force apple to continue to innovate and produce a superior product. The current iPhone 4 is a perfect example of this. iPhone has no serious competition on AT&T, and the latest iPhone was released with little market pressure. The resulting phone was initially plagued with software and hardware glitches, the most publicized of which was the well known antenna problem.


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