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iPhone 4G and iPad: Direct printing with iPhone OS 4.0?

We have some exciting news for iPhone owners now, as it has been rumored that Apple will be including support for direct printing when they release their new iPhone OS 4.0.

As reported from Apple Insider, Apple will be unveiling full details of OS 4.0 this Thursday, when their event kicks off in the morning at around 10am PT.

We already know that multitasking will play a significant part of OS 4.0, but Apple Insider reveals that support pages for iPad’s Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps all state that direct printing for the iPad is ‘currently not available’, rather than a message saying that it isnt available at all.

Does this mean that this is another feature to be included within iPhone OS 4.0? It will be great news for iPad and iPhone owners if it appears to be true.

We’ll update you when we know more, let us know your thoughts on this.



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