iPad: Cannot connect to the UK App Store

For those of you from the UK who have pre-ordered an Apple iPad from the US, we have heard reports that you will not be able to connect to the UK App store.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, the iPad will not be able to connect to the store without a US address, while you’ll also need to have access to a US credit card with the US address verified.

Without these in your possession, you’ll simply be greeted with the ‘App store is not supported in your country’ message.

With that said, there is probably a temporary workaround fix to access the store – let us know if you have already found a solution to this.

Are any of our UK readers in this position? More details over at Pocket-Lint.


  • Elliot

    If you change your country in settings for AppStore to United States and then accept the terms and conditions and then cancel out, you can then freely browse the American AppStore until such times as you try to pay for something which resets the process… But then just do it again – just don’t try and buy!

  • Darrell

    If you create a US iTunes Store account, log in iTunes with it then restore your iPad, you will be able to access the US store on the device.

    To buy things you need a credit card or Google some of the enterprising people who will buy you a iTunes store gift certificate in the US and email you the details. You can use this to buy Apps / Music etc

  • Stephen knott

    You can't access the uk iPad app store as it doesn't exist yet. However you can download iPad apps using iTunes on your computer then sync them over. Only snag is you can only download iPad apps that seem to have been internationally launched so this means no iWork or iBooks.


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