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HTC Incredible: Verizon Release date confirmed this month

After all the previous hints and leaks regarding the HTC Incredible on Verizon, it looks as if we finally have a confirmed release date for the device. It will be available at the end of the month according to numerous sources.

As reported from AndroidAndMe, the Incredible will be launching on Verizon on April 29th. The news of the release comes after Verizon sent out an email today, revealing that no fewer than 6 handsets are on the way. The email contains the words: “New devices launching really soon!” and ”Ready for Lift Off”?

Can we expect the phone on April 29th though? According to AndroidAndMe, not one, but ‘several’ trusted sources have each put weight behind the phone landing on April 29th.

We will inform you when we hear more details, let us know your thoughts on this.


  • Chris

    If you are getting your info from unnamed sources, you can't consider the release date confirmed. Every rumor I read about it "confirmed" and then that release date comes and goes.

  • John

    By the time Verizon actually released the HTC incredible, they will need to call it the HTC Average. They are so far behind in technology. People need to start leaving them and maybe they will start keeping up with everyone else.

  • dan

    To whomever writes this dreck: Please stop posting this same old regurgitated reticulum cud. Post some news when there's news to post.
    Am adding this site to my list of sites to explicitly be IGNORED when searching for info on Verizon getting the iPhone / HTC Incredible

  • Ralphie

    NONE of the employees at my Verizon store got this email. They just laughed when I showed them this. Oh, and wasn't the N1 to be released on or about March 23?

  • Wow my new phone is almost here.


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