How not to treat your Jaguar XJ220

Do you remember looking up at your bedroom wall at the posters of exotic supercars that you told yourself one day I will own one? The chances are that one of those cars was the exclusive Jaguar XJ220, holder of the 200 MPH club record.

How you would dream about what it would be like to own one of the 281 produced true supercars. Well pictures sourced by AutoBlog show that this one, number 132 in line travelled from the factory in Coventry to Lebanon, was then sold in a Dubai dealership to find itself not in a dust free spotless garage but parked up in Qatar.

Can you believe that this big cat showing only 560 miles on the clock could be left to get in such a state? Check out the link to see some more heart breaking pictures before like me you look out the window and think “perhaps it’s time I washed the car”.




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