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Flip Flop Toe Mouse: Solution for upper limbs disability

The Flip Flop Toe Mouse is the first of its kind and has been designed for people who have upper limbs disability, which means that they are unable to use their hands. This is the first time that they would be able to use a mouse to control a computer, so the design and idea is superb.

The Toe Mouse has been designed with our toes ability to grip in mind, allowing the user to manipulate the mouse easier. In order to use you just slip the Toe Mouse between the big and second two and wear it as you would a flip-flop.

The mouse works much like a standard mouse does, but replacing the fingers for toes to click the buttons. Engadget feels that this is one of the best designs that they have seen, one that will serve a purpose and make life easier for those without upper limbs.

For more details on this visit Yanko Design



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