Best iPad Apps are games: Nintendo not interested

While Apple continue to boast the potentials of their iPad as a serious gaming platform, Nintendo America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has dismissed the threat that the iPad could bring to the likes of the DS handheld devices.

As reported from Eurogamer, Aime took a further dig at Apple, by stating that the iPad only gives gamers a ‘mouthful’, while Nintendo serves up ‘snacks and meals’. Interesting way of putting it.

When speaking in a recent interview, he had this to say: “Clearly it doesn’t look like their platform is a viable profit platform for game development because so many of the games are free versus paid downloads. ”

We all know the iPad is at an early stage in terms of gaming, so I think it is a bit early to make any bold statements. In a few months time, the iPad may well be a serious competitor with the likes of the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSP.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Do you agree with Nintendo here?




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