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Apple bans unofficial Facebook app for iPad

It has been confirmed that Apple has removed an unofficial Facebook application for the iPad, from the App Store. Apple has said that the main reason is due to copyright infringement.

As reported from ItProPortal, ‘Facebook Ultimate’ was designed specifically for Apple’s new iPad, and cost users $2.99 to download from the store.

Since there isn’t an official Facebook app for the iPad yet, Facebook Ultimate quickly became one of the Top 10 paid iPad apps from the store.

For those users that paid the $2.99, you’ll naturally be feeling out of pocket with the removal of the App, so maybe the creators of Facebook will take this on board and come up with an official app – for free.

Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • JJ

    Some times you feel like a schmuck, sometimes you….. Well you get the picture, I did, then I do, use Safari. thanks for ;-/

  • Shannon

    These schmucks who spent $2.99 on a Facebook app should try using Safari and type “” in the address window…. Works just fine and seems like the best “Facebook app” to me!


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