After Apple Confirms iPad Wi-Fi Issues: What now?

By Peter Chubb - Apr 7, 2010

A few days ago we mentioned that the Apple iPad had Wi-Fi issues, since then we reported that the Cupertino Company had confirmed the issue – so what now? It is all great saying Apple confirms the iPad Wi-Fi issue, but we need a fix and fast.

The problems with the Wi-Fi is different for a number of iPad owners, some say that they are unable to connect at all, while others complain that they cannot get a signal after the tablet device comes out of sleep.

Apple’s support forum has a number of fixes that you could try, these range from updating the firmware on your router, splitting ports or moving closer to the router – that was one of the stupid ones. We are still not certain if any of these tips have worked, we wait to hear from you.

We do worry that some of the fixes are difficult to do; some iPad owners will not understand all the different settings in a router. Do you think that Apple should release an iPad firmware update to solve the issue?

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