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After Apple Confirms iPad Wi-Fi Issues: What now?

A few days ago we mentioned that the Apple iPad had Wi-Fi issues, since then we reported that the Cupertino Company had confirmed the issue – so what now? It is all great saying Apple confirms the iPad Wi-Fi issue, but we need a fix and fast.

The problems with the Wi-Fi is different for a number of iPad owners, some say that they are unable to connect at all, while others complain that they cannot get a signal after the tablet device comes out of sleep.

Apple’s support forum has a number of fixes that you could try, these range from updating the firmware on your router, splitting ports or moving closer to the router – that was one of the stupid ones. We are still not certain if any of these tips have worked, we wait to hear from you.

We do worry that some of the fixes are difficult to do; some iPad owners will not understand all the different settings in a router. Do you think that Apple should release an iPad firmware update to solve the issue?


  • StevenBK

    Perhaps at work your IT admins have set up the wireless network so that only valid work mobile devices can authenticate with the use of the appropriate certificates which must be issued by your domain controller. Wisely, it must be said.
    You can also prevent devices joining a wireless network by implementing MAC filtering. There are other ways of preventing access even if you know the password.

  • Dan Harasty

    I have an iPod Touch and my workmate has an iPad. We are having the SAME symptoms:
    – We can connect to our home WAPs with WEP just fine.
    – We are having trouble accessing our WAP at work with WEP.
    – Other Windows laptops and Android devices attach to the work WAP just fine.
    – All systems (home and work) use hidden SSIDs.

    The iPad can "see" the SSID, but is responding as if the password is in error / mistyped. I can tell because with the correct SSID and password, I get the same error if I purposely mis-enter the password ("Unable to join the network [SSID_NAME]"), but an error different from when I purposely mis-enter the SSID ("Could not find the network [SSID_NAME]").

    Does that give anyone the clue they need to fix this?

  • Katie

    Hi all,

    I am technical support agent. We’ve been obviously receiving exact issue about the iPad connectivity. We all know that some of the fixes you posted like “going nearer to the access point”, is not a fix nor a workarounnd… Please post a more technical fix not an alibi….

    • William Pettit

      I have to get close to my wifi antenna to be able to use my iPad 8Gb. Works fine to about 20 feet. My laptop can be 100 or more feet away from the wifi and works fine. Signal strength on the iPad shows little if any over 20 ft away. A lemon or a recall or a fix?


      William Pettit

  • Jon

    Well, let me start in reverse. Do I think that Apple should implement a firmware update to at least address it? Yes.

    Now, initially, I had NO trouble with WiFi as I manually configured (and continue to configure) everything on my home network manually, among that, I was using ONLY MAC address filtering for WiFi services. Why you ask? Because I wasn't using ANY WiFi devices and all I wanted to prevent was anyone having the ability to be ON my local net unless I specifically allowed a device to be there.

    This (the iPad) was my first Apple product ever, and honestly, I couldn't resist the temptation to purchase one, which I'm EXTREMELY happy with, I love the unit. Getting back on point though, having seen the rash of users complaining about WiFi, I found it incumbent upon me to test and (because I experienced absolutely no troubles at all with it) see if I could replicate some of the issues others were having.

    Sure enough when I re-configured to WEP encryption, rebooted the router, and allowed the iPad to automatically "Ask to Join Networks" which is something I instinctively turned off right from the start (autonomous WiFi has always been problematic in my opinion) … that's when the issues started appearing. Not necessarily in weak WiFi, but more in constantly asking me for my WEP key over and over…it became more pronounced after the unit "woke up" from sleeping. Ok, so I switched over to WPA, with same results, and WPA2 with same results.

    Finally, I LEFT WPA2 encryption, on the iPad went to Settings->Reset->Reset Network Connections, after iPad reboot has been solid and strong and never asked me for my key again since then. That is now going on 3 days.

    I firmly believe that a firmware update would resolve these issues, and not a sub-standard antenna like others have suggested.


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