Verizon’s lineup in 2010: iPhone 4G, HTC Incredible and Nexus One

By Alan Ng - Apr 7, 2010

Following on from our earlier article, which informed you about the Verizon CEO and his latest comments in relation to an iPhone release, we thought we would put this into perspective and what it means for potential or current Verizon customers this year.

Firstly, if you haven’t read the article earlier today, you can do so here. Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg states that it is now Apple’s call, if the iPhone lands on Verizon or not, as the carrier are now ‘open to the idea’. Considering the information gathered so far on a CMDA iPhone, it is looking likely that a release will happen later on this year.

If the iPhone wasn’t big enough for Verizon contract holders, then what about the HTC Incredible and Nexus One? Details on the Nexus One on Verizon have slowed a little since CTIA Wireless 2010, but we definitely know it is coming to Verizon soon, even Google has confirmed it here.

As for the HTC Incredible, it is only a matter of time before this handset lands on Verizon – it will probably be the first handset out of the three which does release first.

If you combine the iPhone 4G, HTC Incredible and Nexus One handets together, it is looking like a very powerful lineup for Verizon in 2010. Would AT&T and Sprint be able to cope with this? The situation may change once the HTC EVO 4G is released, but it is looking slightly worrying for AT&T.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Will you be moving to Verizon if either of these handsets release soon?

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  • Snookdeesh

    Chupa mi penga all you fags! VZW sucks donkey balls and will never get the iPhone… They are leading their customers to all jump ship to other carriers because they can't release a dayum phone

    • Jessica

      You all should think first about why you would want the iPhone, Verizon won't get it because it is an inferior product. Think about how "popular" the iPhone is and then realize that Verizon is still the #1 cell phone company for everything other than offering the iPhone. Maybe you all should put the phones in your hands and actually try using them like you would outside of the store and see then what you think about all the other phones. HTC's Incredible is an amazing phone. Fast, great screen, amazing camera, I could go on. But because it isn't called an iPhone you dumb people won't even consider it. Get out of your little box of a mind and stop complaining about Verizon not getting certain phones! Just get over everything you have no control over!

  • Jroc

    I tried leaving Verizon for iPhone… but everyone else service is mediocre at best compared to, and as far as customer service is concerned Verizon holds it down!

  • David

    The iPhone is as enticing to me as a pumpernickel bagel smeared with poop, no matter what number you put in front of the G. The Incredible looks great, and the EVO 4G looks to be even better, so the question for me is, do I re-up with Verizon and upgrade to the Incredible this year, or do I ride out my contract with my current phone (HTC Diamond, which I'm currently dual-booting WinMo 6.5.5 w/Sense and Android 2.1) and jump ship to Sprint for 4G next year? A lot will depend on the upgrade pricing of the Incredible when it's released…

  • Amantxpl

    I’m waiting for nexus one since January and still nothing. But right now I think iPhone 4g looks more appealing. Even if nexus one comes out I’ll be waiting for the iPhone and if verizon takes it’s time again I’ll go wiu the sprint evo. I’m tired of waiting for verizon!!! They should do something before people turn away from them. And now knowing that 4g phones are coming out,who will buy the 3g nexus or incredible?

    • Neds

      I'm with ya on this one.
      If verizon keeps dragging their feet with nexus one and other smartphones ,I too will be leaving for AT&T and the 4G i phone!

  • Informed

    Apple will have to pay a substantial fee to At&t if they breach their contract, which is through 2012. So Biggity, you might want to pack your bags.

    • U R Uninformed

      Your date is incorrect. The Apple exclusivity contract expires July 11, 2010.

  • TBooker

    I have been with Verizon for 10 years and have always wondered why the other wireless providers had better and cooler phones. I am very excited about the new lineup and can't wait to get either the HTC Incredible or the Nexus One.

  • Ace

    As will I. I've gotten all hyped up about the Nexus One coming, but now it's not looking like it will happen soon (which I blame Apple for). It's still not worth it to me to give up Verizon, but the temptation is growing…

  • Biggity

    Will you be moving to Verizon if either of these handsets release soon?

    I'll be moving from Verizon if they don't.