Verizon iPhone 4G: It is Apple’s call says Verizon CEO

By Alan Ng - Apr 6, 2010

We have an update on the rumored Verizon iPhone 4G now, as we have some breaking details from Verizon’s CEO, as he has stated in a recent phone call that it is now down to ‘Apple’s call’ on the proposed move.

A report over at CNBC reveals that Verizon would be open to the possibility of having Apple’s device on their network, adding further weight to the idea that Apple will be offering a CMDA version of the iPhone this Summer.

The news comes after Apple themselves announced a event for this Thursday, in which they will be introducing iPhone OS 4.0 to the public for the first time.

Pretty exciting news if the CEO on Verizon says they want to discuss the iPhone with Apple. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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