Twitter users iPad reactions: Cannot replace iPhone

Since the launch of the Apple iPad on Saturday, Twitter users have been sharing their reactions on the tablet device. The biggest problem that they have is that it cannot replace the iPhone – but why does it need to, surly the two devices can co-exist together?

According to Apple Insider, Attensity Group analyzed 50,000 tweets related to the Apple iPad and found that 67 percent said that they loved the device. It was also revealed that 24 percent said that they were not thrilled with the tablet from the iPhone maker. However 87 percent said that they would purchase an iPad, with 13 percent saying that they would not.

As we mentioned above, most agreed that the iPad could never replace their iPhone – with a number of them complaining about the lack of Flash Player support. We are confused with this though, as the iPhone also lacks this feature.

There are a number of iPad owners who now wish that they had waited a few weeks to get their hands on the Wi-Fi and 3G version of the tablet – the Wi-Fi models are only available for the moment. Take a closer look at the survey results by visiting Apple Insider



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