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Tiger Woods Online (PC): Is it too expensive?

For those of you who are interested in trying out Tiger Woods Online, which was released recently by EA, we have pricing details now, giving you an exact idea on how much you’ll need to pay to play.

As reported from Eurogamer, the game will feature certain elements that are free such as practise rounds and buying certain equipment and clothing – but after that – get set to part with your money.

You can subcribe to Tiger Woods Online annually for a fee of £49.99 ($76), or a monthly option is available for £6.99. If you played the recent beta and consider yourself hooked on the game, £6.99 shouldn’t be too bad for you.

For everyone else though – it might seem like a tad expensive. More details over at EG, let us know your thoughts on the prices.


  • CooloutAC

    There is no game modes such as match play, skins, stableford etc. nothing. unlike previous tiger woods series. I think multiplayer matches will be unfair on player with lower attributes. It will take some time to get full attributes.

    also the head developer said they will be implementing a progressive swing level. The swing gets harder as u add more attributes…ugh I’d rather have a choice what level i will play on like previous tiger games.

    even the tournaments are bracketed by xp points (time played) not scores.

    on top of all that you can spend real money to buy special powerful clubs that give you an advantage on competition. Which is just icing on the cake for me.

    Its basically an online singleplayer game. But if u want a competitive multiplayer… this is in no way the game for you.


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