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Skype iPhone updated without 3G calling – Verizon to blame?

It has just been confirmed that Skype has updated their iPhone application today, but have not included the 3G calling feature that has been top of your Skype wish lists for some time.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, the update now brings the Skype iPhone App to version 1.3.1, fixing a collection of bugs, improving stability and includes support for the iPad.

If you recall, Skype announced that 3G calling would be coming to the iPhone back in February, but then progress seemed to grind to a halt when Verizon announced their partnership with Skype, which you can read about here.

Could the delay in 3G calling over Skype have anything to do with Verizon? Don’t forget last month, we told you how the Skype app was pulled from the Nokia Ovi Store due to the deal with Verizon, so this could well be a possibility here folks.

Let us know your thoughts on this, we’ll update you soon as we hear more details.



  • Rudolph

    I'm sure Skype has a deal with Verizon. 3g Skype is exclusive available on the Verizon Android phones but it is not available on the Android market! You can make 3g Skype out calls with the Ninbuzz app for the iPhone.


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