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Project Natal (Xbox 360): Microsoft lied to gamers at E3

Some interesting news to bring you now, as Quantic Dream’s David Cage has stated that Microsoft lied to gamers last year, when they showed off the video demo for Project Natal at E3 2009.

As reported from VG247, Cage was talking about certain elements of the ‘sci-fi’ demo that Microsoft showed off last year, adding that it wasn’t right for Microsoft to portray features that gamers will not be close to getting when the final product is released this year.

Maybe he was directly referring to the part where the kid scans his skateboard at home, straight onto the screen at the flash of a ‘gesture’ – what do you think?

Here is a portion of Cage’s rant: “I thought it was a little bit lying to present it that way because it will let [consumers] think that they will [see] something that they are not really close to getting.”

The video is here for your reference. Give us your thoughts on this. Has Microsoft lied to gamers or not?


  • Toastrules

    Well, Cage is still a 3rd party developer (In Quatic Dream), so he's not biased and he knows what he's talking about. For some strange reason, Product Reviews didn't show the entire quote. After Cage said that, he said that since he was interested in developing for Natal, he knew what he was talking about; and Natal couldn't do that.

    And I love how idiots like marhorn and Kev just blab about what they hear from their uninformed friends. 1) @marhorn, get a new brain, because yours sure is broken. Product Reviews tells the NEWS; This isn't a blog, they're just stating the facts; there is NO bias. 2) Do you really think it's possible for a camera to scan a skateboard, and instantly put it in it's "database" of objects in the room. Hell, why would they use that for gaming if they could use that technology for all sorts of other things.

    And @Kev….. Cage was just saying that the technology shown there could have been scripted, or broken, because if you notice, the gameplay on the Natal had to be under extremely controlled environments.

    • marhorn

      My friends are pretty informed thanks! More than I can say for you friends (or lack thereof) And product review just like you seem to be biased towards sony, just the same as I probably seem biased towards Xbox. There is no blah blah blah… just is! When natal comes out and actually does scan something into its database! Compared to that gay wand dildo thing sony has well then it will be SAAAAWWWWEEEEET! Oh and finally your acting like that is the most technologicaly advanced thing ever. GO AND CHECK OUT ONLIVE! They just had crysis running on an iphone (and i mean REAL crysis!)

      Peace out

  • JBDragon

    Sony LIES left and right, so what's new. Showing off features MS hopes in the future will be possible is not a LIE.

  • obscurexistence

    Whats new, Microsoft constantly lie to xbox owners. I'll be shocked if natal turns out to be half as good as Microsoft are telling people it will be.

  • Kev

    I totally agree with you Marhorn. How can that guy be sure that it was a fake video (the part when the kid scans his skateboard)? I'd like to see that man's reaction when the final product is released.

  • marhorn

    when it actually happens! hope product review eats their own words. I have never seen such a sony loving website! Tell me does sony actually finance you guys? As much as your biased towards sony, you cant help but notice the Xbox is better.

  • Adam

    Whoa, wait!
    People embellish the truth when advertising products?
    Get the fuck out of here!

  • Wh1tebum

    How is this up for interpretation did he not preface that comment with this one ' "When the kid comes in with the skateboard and the laser ray, scanning the skateboard, and then it’s in the game," he says, rolling his eyes. ' I dont think there is *to* much maybe about it.


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