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Nintendo Wii Games Needed on Sony PS3 Move

The Nintendo Will was a game changer, so much so that the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 aims to copy its success. Both consoles are to offer their own form of motion sensing controller, the Xbox will have Project Natal and the PlayStation 3 will have Move. For Move to have any success, a number of Wii games needs to be ported, but what ones?

Sony could be on to a winner here, they know that Nintendo have the jump on them with this technology, but we are certain that Sony will not only use this motion sensing technology in its games, but offer superb graphics at the same time – something that the Wii does not.

Tech2.0 looks at the games that need to either be ported or remade – these include Grand Slam Tennis, Boom Blox, LostWinds and MadWorld. One of the best games for the Wii has to be grand Slam tennis, this game takes both skill and a lot of energy – so a PS3 version is a must.

These are just a few, if you know of any other Wii game you wish to see implemented on the PS3 Move then please let us know below.


  • kbt

    ps3 has plenty of games for the kid who hasn't grown up which really are not appropriate for kids. i would like to see more age appropriate games for truekids like little big planet and not just games that are movie titles too.

  • PS3wannaBe

    Sony started work on Move all the way back in 2001, SAME YEAR AS NINTENDO.

    Nintendo however had the vision to put the tech out there first and they did great! So Great that the Nintendo Wii is THE MOST SUCCESSFUL NINTENDO console EVER!

    However even the most sucessful nintendo console (70 million units sold so far) does not compete with Sony.

    Sony has always hit over 100 million consoles sold, something TO DATE NO ONE ELSE BUT SONY HAS DONE, Ever!

    In fact Sony has outsold Nintendo's consoles, don't get me wrong I love Nintendo but props to Sony for making up 15 years of Nintendo dominance in just 2 1/2 consoles.

  • Toothpicker

    Nintendo Exclusives aside, I'd buy all Resident Evil games available on the Wii, Silent Hill Shattered Memories and Dead Space Extraction (which is coming to PS3). I liked the visceral shooter idea, but the atrocious graphics on the Wii stopped me from playing them.

  • I’m really loving the blog, and hope this, as well as the excellent article some other people have written, will help somebody

  • BlooRay

    Carnival Games, Game Party, Big Beach Sports, Deca Sports, EA Playground, Ninja Reflex, Wacky World Of Sports, Redneck Jamboree, Neighbourhood Games, My Sims Party, M & M's Beach Party, Pirate Party, Go Play Lumberjacks, Family Party Outdoor Fun, Big Family Games, Babies Party, 101 Party Megamix, Game Party 2.

    All of those would be great on PS3 Move and it would spell the end for the Wii.

  • Toastrules

    Wii sports; It came off as so successful that Sony would sell a lot more if they had a game like that.

  • ArticleReader

    To Bowser have fun playing Mama Cooking!!

  • Bowser

    Personal opinion here, but how about no?

    The PS3 and 360 have enough great third-party games rockin' out on their systems. Most of the awesome third-party games are multiplatform but are only confined to those two systems and the PC. Nintendo Wii owners are almost always left out in the cold, leaving only a select good few third-party titles on the Wii such as The Conduit, Madworld, and others. Those other systems get exclusives…but the Wii rarely gets any of those. The watered down DS iterations of hardcore games don't count in this case.

    If third-parties are willing to port other good games like Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell: Conviction, then I'd probably say yes. They could do it if they just tried. But otherwise, I'd just prefer letting us Wii owners enjoy our exclusives and 360/PS3 owners enjoy their own.

  • Shigsy

    A port of Ninjabread Man would be great because it’s a total and utter turd of a game that would suit Sony and their rip-off controller a treat. Joking apart, it’s ironic that Nintendo got landed with loads of PS2 games with bolted on motion controls, and now the favour is being returned. Hopefully only the turd ones though…..

  • Bill

    Trauma Center please!


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