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Motorola DROID: Verizon 2.1 Update removes Google Earth

Some slightly worrying news to bring to Motorola DROID owners on Verizon now, as it has been reported that the Google Earth application is no longer available once you upgrade to the 2.1 Android OS.

According to this report from MobileBurn, you’ll no longer be able to find the application in the Android marketplace once you update, so if you are a regular user of Google Earth, you may want to put off updating until we find out more details.

We will update this article once we hear more. It will be very disappointing if that is the case though. It could just be a temporary issue that Google and/or Verizon Wireless are already working on.

Let us know if you have spotted this after updating to 2.1.


  • Taina51

    I received my update last night and was a able to find Google Eath without a problem in the Android Market. I used it after installing it without a clitch.

  • eric

    Reports are true… no google earth on the market after the 2.1 update. I read a google help thread that explained a work around. Basicaly you download the app to your computer, then copy to the phones sd card, but I didn’t try it.

  • Hemant Mehta

    Yes Google Earth is not available in the market.

    Also the weather widget can’t seem to get the GPS location. I see that location is available (google maps is working) but Weather keeps saying no location available.


  • Droid

    I had this problem after my update. My solution was to back everything up and do a factory reset. After that it shows up in the market. Not ideal, but a solution nonetheless.

  • Jason

    fuck verizon.


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