Mini Coupe and Roadster: First Images Revealed

When BMW announced that they were to produce a Mini Coupe and Roadster at the Frankfurt Motor Show, there was a huge amount of speculation as to what the cars will look like. Thankfully we do not have to wonder anymore as Autoblog has obtained the first images.

These images were the same ones sent to the European patent office – the vehicles themselves should enter production sometime in 2011. Looking at the images, there seems to be no major changes to the concept designs that we have already seen. Visit Autoblog and let us know if you are happy with the decision not to change anything.

The only changes that we see are to the fenders, front fascias, side skirts and windshields – we just wish that BMW would do something about the rear of the car, it looks as though two people from different decades designed it and then met up for a drink one day.

We will have to wait a while until we get a chance to see some shots of the interior, let us hope that they offer more excitement than the exterior.



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