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iPhone OS 4.0 Event: Affects HTC Incredible Verizon

The HTC Incredible coming to Verizon is the hottest handset at the moment, but how will the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 event on Thursday affect this? It is no secret that Verizon needs this launch to be big, but we know how Apple would love to spoil things.

Ok, we know that news of an update to the iPhone operating system should not have anything to do with Verizon and the HTC Incredible – but those new features could make its way to the iPhone 4G, which is rumored to be heading to Verizon in September.

We do not know for sure that Apple will launch a new handset yet, but let us look back to March 2009 – Apple held an event to showcase the iPhone OS 3.0. Then a few months later we had the new iPhone 3GS – so a few months from now we could be holding a new 4G (or HD as it has been called) in our hands.

So in short, I am just stating that what happens Thursday could dictate to us the sales of other handsets. I am not saying that the iPhone is not the only smartphone on the planet, but it is the one that generates the most media attention – something that could have a negative affect on the HTC Incredible.


  • Idiot

    The guys who wrote this article is a moron…AT&T has iphone exclusivity until 2011

    • Not a Idiot

      Ur the moron. It don't even anything about the iPhone going to Verizon. Its about OS 4.0. People like you should have been born dead.


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