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iPhone 4.0 OS: 25 features needed

We know that Apple is to hold an event on Thursday, April 8, 2010, and will discuss the next mobile operating system for its smartphone iPhone 4.0 OS. We know that Apple will offer a number of updates to the new OS, just as they did from 2.0 to 3.0 – so why would 4.0 be any different?

PC World thought that this deserved a closer look and deiced to offer up 25 features needed for iPhone 4.0 OS. There are so many updates needed so is very hard to choose which of the 25 we would like to see the most – although a friend of mine did suggest that he would like to see the size of texts increase.

Some of the 25 that appear on the list are much the same as last years, as they did not make it to iPhone 3.0 OS. We wonder how many of them will make it on this years OS update?

Below is the list of 25 featured needed for Apple iPhone 4.0 OS:

  • 1. 2G phone mode
  • 2. A better Notes application
  • 3. A Genius feature for the App Store
  • 4. A Home screen that flips into landscape mod
  • 5. A more programmable Home button
  • 6. A roomier dock
  • 7. A to-do list
  • 8. A useful Slide to Unlock screen
  • 9. Access to attachments by third-party applications
  • 10. Automatic backup to the cloud
  • 11. Background music for third-party apps
  • 12. Energy Saver
  • 13. GPS-based Wi-Fi
  • 14. Help for third-party apps that want to support landscape mode
  • 15. Home screen folders
  • 16. Hooks to allow the embedding of additional video players in Safari
  • 17. Human Interface Device support
  • 18. iChat
  • 19. Information on how much memory stuff takes up
  • 20. Sensible settings
  • 21. Syncing plug-ins for third-party apps
  • 22. The ability to delay Slide to Unlock
  • 23. The ability to subscribe to podcasts and sync them directly on the phone
  • 24. The ability to use any song as a ringtone
  • 25. Window-spawning control in Safari

Did we miss any out?


  • Tom Sharp

    i think a must would be a "find on page' feture in safari. like windows Ctrl + F.

  • Rohan

    NEEEEEED to be able to change baground not on lock screen but home screen… like the ipad; and a redesigned app page with a notificans area next to the battery like for mail and stuff

  • Dude

    an autosilent feature(Currently Available with Jailbreak),ie goes to silent automaticaly on calendar appointments, etc. With visual indicator when in silent mode.

  • James

    Um, you missed out multitasking….

  • I really don’t give a damn about this whole list – *all* I want is the ability to disable landscape mode on tilt. Trying to browse the internet lying down in bed is a massive pain as it stands…

  • protest midget

    number 3 is already on my app store – i have the 3GS

  • Michael

    Add to num 25, please do fix the issue of unable to "SLIDE TO UNLOCK" sometimes.

  • Rich

    The app store already has a genius feature.

  • andy

    Point number one – 2G mode, you can already turn 3G off so surely this is already covered?

  • paul

    Add to num 24, ability to use own tones for message tone


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