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Fusion Garage JooJoo Review: iPad more feature-packed

The new Fusion Garage JooJoo (formerly the CrunchPad) was given to Engadget a few days ago, but as it was just before the release of the Apple iPad – did not have much time to review the tablet device. The blog thought that they would see just how well it performs compared to Apple’s new device in a review that features a video walkthrough.

The design of the JooJoo is very much the same as the iPad, but that is to be expected with this slate design. However, the JooJoo has a much larger screen – 12-inch to be precise. We now wonder if the JooJoo is on par or even better than the Apple iPad?

Engadget fears that Fusion Garage has not given the JooJoo enough features to worry Apple, as well as being a bit on the large side – so not as portable as the iPad. The problem that this new tablet has is it’s timing – the JooJoo should have been launched a few months down the line when the hype of the iPad has gone way.

There are a few good things about the JooJoo though; one of them is Flash Player support. With a number of tablet devices planned this year, we wonder how well this second tablet device in 2010 will perform?

Full details of the Engadget review


  • James Katt

    The JooJoo will be ROAD KILL. It already cannot compete against the iPad juggernaut.


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