Ford to celebrate 50 years of the Falcon with Coyote V8

In celebration of the Australian Falcon’s 50th Anniversary, Ford have decided to gift wrap a supercharged version of its Coyote V8 and stick it under the bonnet of Falcon’s XR8.

Reports from AutoBlog suggest that the charged 5.0-liter power plant should hammer out around 422 horsepower. But there are rumors of possibly three versions being available with ever increasing power, although Ford have neither confirmed or denied this.

With the Falcon’s main challenge coming from the Holden Commodore and its 362 horsepower 6.0-liter V8, perhaps this is part of the reason to Ford’s designs for a power increase. Whether theses rumors are true or not though, the thought of a supercharged V8 wherever it is in the world gets our pulses racing. Hit the link for more information.

Source: Go Auto



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