Ford “Swap Your Ride” is back: 0% and $1,000 trade-in

Ford is doing all they can to try and keep its healthy sales figures, which is why they have reintroduced “Swap Your Ride”. The campaign will run from now until the end of May and will offer 0% financing and $1000 trade-in when you hand over the keys to your old ride.

As with all deals like this there is the fine print, such as not being able to get the offer on a new F-150 SVT Raptor, Shelby GT500 or on of their hybrid vehicles. According to Autoblog, they are not certain if the “Swap Your Ride” campaign applies to the 2010 Mustang.

Ford has not offered much in the way of details or ad campaigns at the moment, but we are certain that the Detroit automaker will ramp up its efforts soon. Let us know if you will be taking Ford up on this great offer, or will you choose a rival brand?



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