BlackBerry Storm 2: OS Officially Released

By Jamie Pert - Apr 6, 2010

If you own a Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 you may be glad to hear that a new update has recently been officially released, this update brings the handset’s operating system to OS

To install this latest update you must be running an official Verizon OS version, therefore if you are not on Verizon customer perhaps you should wait for the OS version to launch from your particular carrier (to avoid possible problems in the future).

We are currently unsure as to what this update consists off, however it is a safe bet to say that there will be plenty of bug fixes, interface tweaks and perhaps boosted efficiency.

If you would like to install the update and understand the risks check out this link, as we always say please ensure you back up all important date beforehand.

Have you installed the update? If so, let us know what changes you have noticed in the comments section below.

Source: IntoMobile

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  • Rob

    The BB messenger is always running in the background with the OS upgrade and there was no way to turn it off or to permanently disable it. It hurt the battery life.

  • Rob

    Tux is right on; the software upgrade is not compatible with Google Maps!

    I have recently relocated to a new state and had been using Google Maps daily when I upgraded the BB SW to Also, sInce the BB Internet Browser is sooo sloooooww I had been subsidizing basic internet searches with Google Maps. Since the upgrade, I haven't been able to use the application. It is incredibly frustrating and makes me want to break this buggy phone!! Thanks RIM for being so thorough!!

    The newer SW version is also incompatible with the same Opera Mini application that I used with the previous version of the software. I'm sure there are other third party apps that are having issues as well so you may want to find out online before you upgrade.

    I wasted a lot of time reverting to the previous software to now have to deal again with the unlock screen freezing when I press the enter key and that useless CITY ID app freezing up!

    On a separate note, I noticed that the CITY ID only lists the city that the calling person's phone number is registered in. So if someone is registered in Livonia, MI and were in Chicago while calling your phone, Livonia, MI would still show up! Lame!!!

    On a positive note, the upgraded OS was a lot steadier with the basic functions such as phone, keypad, text and email messaging. And later on I learned that you can turn on the GPS feature and allow it to be used with BB Maps and together they would actually serve some good, but not at the cost of losing applications that I used on a daily basis.

    Tom I feel you pain bro!

  • Galen Johnson

    Hi All,
    After installation of .607 on my Storm 2 (Purchased 12/09) I LOST volume on my Jawbone Prime. I purchased a Jawbone Icon and can't use it unless I am in a quiet room.
    I would like to go back to .517 if i could (at least I could use my hands free and hear the calling party with it).
    How can I go back -OR- is there ANY way to get this thing to go up in volume on received calls? (The calling party can hear me just fine, even in the noisest envriorments).

  • Tom in FL

    I am ready to throw the storm 2 out the window. has slowed the thing down so bad, and I keep getting this awful little clock/wait box that comes and goes. sometimes for 10 minutes or more at a time. all apps are noticably slower than before, and i lost partial functionality (when it isn't waiting for 10 minutes with the stupid clock box icon)
    futhermore, lately the storm doesn't even respond properly with the keyboard suretype or whatever you try to access… you just wait, until you're as angry with it as I am. Downgrading the OS now. screw suretype. at least it worked before.

  • Peter

    The Incon locking the screen disappeared.

  • Jin

    The video player doesn't work anymore and I keep getting phantom sms reminder after a hear reset (battery pull)!!!

  • Tux

    Yeah!!!! After only 4 hours I finally got my Storm 2 DOWNGRADED to the original 5.0 release. You know…..I would expect this level of failure from Microsoft, which is exactly why I don't use Winblows anymore, but the BIG reason I went with Blackberry was because it WASN'T Winblows……."It compiles?……Ship it!"

    DO NOT INSTALL THIS "UPGRADE"!!!!!!!!!!!!! This software is broken! RIM obviously did not do sufficient regression testing before officially releasing this version. That keyboard thing everyone's talking about, also happens in Google Maps. I use Google Maps on a daily basis is one of the most used features on my phone. If you get this update you can forget about using ANY version of Google Maps. Don't know what other issues there are, but it doesn't matter to me. I finally figured out how to get that broken POS software off my phone and reverted back to a working version…..hint: back up your data, wipe it clean with JL_Cmder, and install the original version with the Desktop Manager…'ll be glad you did 🙂

    • Mike B

      I installed and had the BBM group keyboard issue…and my custom text tones wouldn't work just played default sound no matter what…….Downgraded to previous os and everything works again….

  • amy

    Where did the call log buttons go???? Can you being them back???

  • Was a good update, one problem i cant type in my BBM Groups. The keyboard says its up but its not. I do a reboot on the phone, i go to bbm groups and try it again it works for a 1 time use then the keyboard wont come back up again. That is the only problem i have had so far.

    • Pam

      I have same issue. You have to click bb button, New Chat and then cancel. or bb button, set subject and cancel. Kind of annoying!!!!!!!

  • Kimpowerful

    Okay now here is something I can't find anywhere. I was in an airport when the update button popped up. I followed the steps to download this upgrade and install, as usual. Never had an issue from time I got the old Storm 1 the day it came out, at least not with installing upgrades. HOWEVER, once it rebooted, after anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes of rebooting, I get a complete white screen with tiny reset button that says JVM Error 505. I try to click this button but it takes 5 clicks, whereupon it goes for a second to a screen that shows words I can't read fast enough and immediately reboots the phone. I haven't been able to see my icons/check mail/make a call/get alerts since then. My issue now is that I'm in Nashville for the weekend and no phone. If anyone has any idea how to address this, please respond or address. Verizon suggested (when I called from another phone) a 15 second battery pull. This does not make a difference. Since I've gotten the storm2 I have not had to do a single battery pull. Was raving about this one.

  • Joe

    The update is great with one exception. Your custom text meggase souds are gone and replaced with the default sound. The only way this can be fixed is to redo all of your contact phone numbers as one long number like this 2658675309 and it will work again.

    • Gabriel Renfro

      Mine were left intact. ive also noticed the glow effect when useing the keyboard has a bigger area now. update included the app backup assistant.

    • Dlogan

      yes i have experienced that issue but i did not know what the fix was. Ill try that. Thanks

  • Iceman

    Everything went smoothly, except for one thing…the buttons at the bottom of the call log screen have disappeared, which is something I used a lot. Now, I have to use the BlackBerry button.

  • Fahd Bhatti

    and secondly whenever you will do a battery pull, blackberry registration message will be received.

  • Fahd Bhatti

    screen lock and unlock time has been reduced, where as i totally agree with dennis that 15~18 Mb of memory is gone somewhere, other changes are like when you make calls the number are bigger in size. suretype keyboard's letters size has been changed. overall phones performance has increased as well as stability. when the phone is locked and you press a button, in the previous OS the owner's name would be displayed if saved, but in this one only home screen is displayed rather than owner's name screen. these are a few changes that i have noticed, I RECOMMEND TO UPDATE YOUR PHONE TO THIS OS UPDATE BECAUSE IT WORTH IT!!!!

  • pin2

    like Iphone

  • Dennis

    Looks to run a lot faster, but noticed that I lost 20 meg of memory somewhere