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BlackBerry Storm 2: OS Officially Released

If you own a Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 you may be glad to hear that a new update has recently been officially released, this update brings the handset’s operating system to OS

To install this latest update you must be running an official Verizon OS version, therefore if you are not on Verizon customer perhaps you should wait for the OS version to launch from your particular carrier (to avoid possible problems in the future).

We are currently unsure as to what this update consists off, however it is a safe bet to say that there will be plenty of bug fixes, interface tweaks and perhaps boosted efficiency.

If you would like to install the update and understand the risks check out this link, as we always say please ensure you back up all important date beforehand.

Have you installed the update? If so, let us know what changes you have noticed in the comments section below.

Source: IntoMobile



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