Apple iPad Overheating Problems: Are you Affected?

By Jamie Pert - Apr 6, 2010

Since the release of the Apple iPad there have been reports of two problems with the tablet, one problem is that the WiFi signal is said to be pretty weak, and the other problem is said to be an overheating issue.

We have heard reports that the iPad can become so hot that it locks up and displays a temperature waring, this warning apparently reads “iPad needs to cool down before you can use it”, this has prompted some affected iPad owners to dub the device the ‘iBurn’.

According to Apple’s technical documentation the iPad should operate in temperatures from 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C), therefore we are guessing that some user’s iPads are exceeding this temperature.

Chances are the overheating component will be the CPU, if it is the 1GHz chip overheating I will be pretty surprised especially as there are quite a few smartphones on the market today which feature 1GHz chips despite having a much smaller form factor.

As we hear of more detailed information we will keep you posted, lets just hope that Apple don’t rectify this problem by under-clocking the relatively slow chip!

Has your iPad experienced overheating problems?

Source: Tom’sGuide

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  • Jeff

    I had my first overheating experience today and hadn't heard about the issue before. I was using a Motion GPS turn-by-turn navigation application for a business trip and the iPad shut down before I reached my destination. It was in full view of the sun on the front passenger seat, but the car's AC was keeping ambient temperature at around 72 degrees. I still love the device, but do think that this is a design issue and it needs better heat dissipation to be a fully-functional portable device.

  • Jim Fleming

    I have just got the same warning here in England, cloudy and temp of 65f
    cannot use ipad to sit in the garden and read remember that was a main selling point for the beach vacation
    You also have to look at the warning and realise that apple knew this would happen hence it was installed in the product I don't get warnings on my other apple equipment

  • Just typical of Apple making a portable machine that overheats. Haven't they even heard of beta testing? The desktops they make seem okay. I have purchased two laptops from Apple in Next Byte Adelaide – the repair techs were useless and whilst it was under warranty it spent most of that time in the shop on various occasions. Maybe beta test these products properly for a couple of years give them a real work out. Another rush job Apple. Can't wait for the Windows version of this gadget to hit our shores!! Or maybe they should look at putting the OSX on PC which people do. Hackintosh is a great concept. Great operating system on great hardware (that rarely overheats).

  • Debra

    56 degrees(Australian winter) ,10 minutes outside in indirect sunlight led to shutdown temperature warning.The glass side was cool to touch (facing sun) but back metal section felt around140-180 degrees and too hot to touch. Only program open was good reader and wi fi on.
    Apple store happily replaced same .Hopefully my new one isn't faulty too.
    64G 3G model

  • Martin White

    My iPad has just given me the same warning, i was only in my garden for say 30 minutes at a temperature of 70f.

    Really disappointing, i was planning to take this on holiday with me!!

  • Jules

    Yes, my new ipad just overheated in less than 15 minutes time!

    Very frustrated as it lost the long note I was in the process of typing. Secondly, one of the main reasons I ordered it was to use outside inky back yard. I have a mac in the house I can use, I want to get out of the house.

    This is ridiculous. I was sitting in the shade, underan umbrella with a nice breeze.

    I want a new one when apple fixes this problem.

    At least there should be a warning to save work before it shuts down. It is an immediate shutdown.

  • Kurt Preston

    Work in DC and had my iPad sitting in the car for four hours (in it's box no less) and only 86 degrees outside ambient. Got the 'too hot to operate' message and had to take it into the shade and let the wind cool it down for 10 – 15 minutes before it would work again

  • Phil

    I live in Charlotte, NC and went to the pool to swim a few laps and then planned on reading my Ipad. The temperature was in the mid 70's. The overheating message came up about 2 minutes after turning the Ipad on. Moved to the shade and waited a few minutes and still overheat message. Got in the car and within a couple of minutes in front of AC it worked find. Doesn't look like this is going to be very good for reading on the beach. Maybe next generation!

  • NYC dan

    I live in NYC and I had taken my ipad out on my 3rd floor balcony to do some reading. After putting the ipad down for what could not have been more then 5 minutes to go inside and grab a drink, I returned to the overheating error. Well, I was planning on taking the ipad with me on vacation to Aruba to do some reading by the pool, but I don’t think that’s going to happen now being that the high fir the day in NYC was only about 70 when it overheated. How are people in California and Florida using this thing outdoors?

  • Luap

    It’s doubtful the processor would overheat through normal use. That should have been tested already and not been a problem. My Intel processors can run upwards of 180 degrees F so a 95 F exterior temp shouldn’t be a problem if the iPad is engineered properly to dissipate heat. Hopefully Jobs isn’t wrong about netbooks NOT being better than anything. Turns out they may be better than his holy iPad.