Apple iPad in Blender: Will it Blend?

By Peter Chubb - Apr 6, 2010

On Saturday thousands of you queued up outside Apple and Best Buy stores to get their hands on the Apple iPad Tablet. We all want to know how well it performs and if the lack of Flash Player support affects it in any way. However TG Daily reports that there is one guy who wanted to know “Will it Blend”?

Blendtec’s Tom Dickson has offered us a number of videos where he gets the latest technology and sticks it in his blender. Things like this are painful to watch – but also fun and satisfying at the same time. Below is the video, but if you are one of those still hoping to get your hands on the Apple iPad – then I suggest you look away now.

The iPad is too big to fit in the blender, but slamming the tablet on the blender a few times will allow you to bend it in half. Yes the iPad is now in and the fun can start. Dickson pushes the iBlend button and things start off a little slow, but not for long.

Guess what people, “Yes, it blends!”

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