YouTube 500 Internal Server Error: Were You Affected?

Earlier today we heard that YouTube suffered an outage which left users unable to access the popular video sharing website, apparently this occurred in the “early hours” this morning.

Just over a week ago YouTube was down for an hour or so with an error message which read ‘Http/1.1 Service Unavailable‘, however today’s error message left users with an error message reading ‘500 Internal Server Error’.

YouTube is now back online and seems to be fully functional, YouTube have not officially commented on the outage, however I find it quite odd that the site has been down twice in a relatively short amount of time.

Were you affected by the YouTube outage? If so where and when were you affected?

Source: TheStreet


  • Amanullah khan

    still the same problem on 16th february 2011 in pakistan

  • Need help you tube

  • Roxy

    I have it now and it started last night about 12am and now its 12:20pm next day and still not working 11/09/2010

  • Jordan

    Getting it now, 11/08/2010

  • Carl

    Since a few day almost 50% of the videos give me a Error 500…….what to do??

  • styxmarx

    i can access my account and playlists, but have'nt been actually able to play any of the vids i have stored in any of them….and that is as of 13.53GMT, Oct. 14, '10… is there likely to last long, or perhaps the aliens I read about at AboveTopSecret's site last night, have arrived and are now in synchronised orbit above the world's major cities….apparently they are here to help! But that's what they all say! I think the idea is for them to bleed the excess Co2 from our atmosphere, 'cos we are in imminent danger from our gaz guzzling problem, it's about to go 'critical' & we're on the verge, the whole planet earth is on the verge of 'EXPLODING!' But inspite of it putting all those 2012 doomsayer's into a hissy fit, I'll get to say….'I told you so! The End of the world isn't gonna be, dec 23rd 2012!' I don't bloody trust those 'ET' types, plus I saw 'independence day' so…..oh, today then mmm? it begins with your youtube vids being annoyingly inaccessible…..and will end I assume, when they reach 'Zero', bummer!! Not the 'end of the world' though izit? Or……….?

  • ryan

    Been going on since last week for me, today is Sept 20/2010

  • Jake

    Still affected here in the UK for me. NO videos work.

  • jnv

    Been happening to me for 3 days strait now 18 Sept 2010

  • sai

    It's happening now as well, 8/26/10

  • Chino

    Its happening now…6/23/10

  • jms

    Am affected right now !

  • epool86

    im from malaysia

    still got 500 server error right now (19th April, 3pm local time, +08:00GMT)

  • mawashi

    Still having problems here in Singapore and it's affected every vid I try to access.

    Must be a serious hacking problem!

  • yoyorocks

    I still can't access youtube and get the error "site temporarily unavailable or moved to another web address" from chrome. No luck with IE8 or Mozilla either. Does anyone know what to do?

  • Michael Marquardt

    I was affected by YouTube's crash, and apparently they're still having hiccups. More often than not tonight, my videos don't finish, because the server dropped the connection. If it does work, even if I am watching things on 480p, it is so slow that the video stops, restarts, stops, restarts. Very annoying and what may be a very good video is utterly destroyed by a lack of flow that is not the video maker's fault 🙁


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