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Square Enix reveals a ‘surprise’ on Twitter

Some exciting news to give you now, as Square-Enix has revealed that they will be dropping a ‘small surprise’ to their fans this week. Do you have any initial ideas as to what it could be?

As reported from VG247, Square-Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto revealed the news in a latest tweet on the SE Members page, stating:

“Good morning. It’s the start of a week. In Tokyo, rain has started. Please stick with us this week as well. We’re readying a small surprise this week too. Look forward to it. Hashimoto.”

What could it be though? Considering its only a ‘small surprise’, we doubt its anything to do with the Final Fantasy VII remake. It could be related to the recent Final Fantasy IX PSN confirmation, while any news on the beta for Final Fantasy XIV would be most welcome.

Let us know your ideas for the reveal.



  • Jason Texas

    Perhaps an official announcement on the development of FFXV is coming. It would be marvelous!.

  • scott

    oh please oh please let it be a new round of beta testing!!!!

    Or more pretty pictures…that's fun too


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