Sony backtrack on PS3 3D game support

By Alan Ng - Apr 5, 2010

Some rather disappointing news to deliver to PS3 owners now, as Sony has stated that Killzone 2 will NOT be supported by upcoming 3D visuals, in relation to that Qore video that suggested otherwise.

As reported from VG247, Sony has now stated that the Qore video was only for ‘demonstration’ purposes, on what the PS3 was capable of in terms of 3D, but an actual 3D outing for Killzone 2 will not be coming.

In a recent statement the company said: ”We apologize for the erroneous inference that 3D versions of LBP, Wipeout HD, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5 or Super Stardust HD are in production.”

Not too good is it? We really hope that doesn’t mean Gran Turismo 5 as well. Let us know your thoughts on this. They could of made it a bit more clear to the gamers, don’t you think?

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  • gp_26

    I don't think it really matters. Killzone 3 will be announced at E3 and that will support 3D, i figure GT will support it as well.

  • Tim

    This article has a lot of errors from what I hear the 3D update makes current things work in 3D so there is a lot of error here. Besides who wants to buy a new TV just to watch 3d? HD made a huge difference but 3d I'll pass if it means getting an expensive new tv.

  • christian christman

    So this is so messed up they definelty should’ve been more clear on this I love sony with all my heart don’t get me wrong but they built up my hopes just to destroy them I’ve even been tellin my friends that those games were comin in 3D I am disappointed but in the end what can I really do but hope they are lying here just to build the excitment up when they do release them