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SketchPad 1.0 for iPad: Powerful vector drawing application

A powerful new drawing application has just been released for Apple’s iPad. SketchPad 1.0 has great pen and vector tools and Boolean options. The vector tool allows users to create any shape possible, but there are ready to use shapes such as stars and rectangles.

Developed by UK based Bohemian Coding, the app allows for inner and drop shadows, fill, stroke, and multi-stop gradients. Text layers may also be styled using different fonts. Users can form complex shapes to use when creating stunning sketches on the iPad.

The different options included in this application are indispensable to users when designing their sketches. The apps developers are currently working on a vector application for Mac users that will be 100% compatible with the iPad version. SketchPad 1.0 is on the App Store for only $5.99. iPad required.



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