Project Natal: ”We will sell millions and millions” – Microsoft

By Alan Ng - Apr 5, 2010

Are you looking forward to the release of Project Natal on the Xbox 360? It is safe to say that Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg is, as he has just given us his bold sales prediction of the motion sensing device.

As reported from CVG, Greenberg has been talking in a recent interview with Edge Magazine, stating that Project Natal will go on to sell ‘millions and millions’ over the Christmas period.

Here is a portion of his interview: “But because we expect millions and millions of these things to be sold this Christmas, over time developers will know millions of customers have these sensors so they can add functionality to their games.”

Well, we all know that Aaron Greenberg is a confident man, so this should be no surprise to hear such a bold statement from him.

Project Natal is rumored to be out in October, giving Microsoft a month or so before they start shifting ‘millions’. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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