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iPad: Jailbreak Claims

The Apple iPad has only been in our hands for little over two days and there is already jailbreak claims. There are rumors that @comex has managed to port the Spirit” jailbreaking program to Apple’s tablet device. If this is true, then this will be the first of many jailbreaks for the iPad.

According to Blog Technical, the jailbreak is in its early stages, but it means that those willing to take the chance will be able to customize their iPad much more than Apple intended. Just remember that you will void your warranty if you do.

While watching the video below you will see the iPad connected to a laptop, where the guy then enters a series of commands to jailbreak and take control of the iPad. You will notice that he goes through each step on the iPad while entering code on to his laptop. The end result is a jailbroken iPad.

Do you think that these jailbreak claims are true?



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