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iPad and iPhone 4G: Both Apple Devices not needed?

For those of you considering purchasing the new Apple iPad, you need to consider if you actually need this tablet device in your life. What use will it have in your life, especially if you own the current iPhone 3GS and will almost certainly purchase the new rumored iPhone 4G?

When you look at the iPad and all its features, it is no secret that it resembles the iPhone or iPod Touch, but PC World reckons that the tablet is so much more than both these devices. Most of the functions are the same, but it is when you get to the hardware that the iPad excels. However, that could all change with the release of the iPhone 4G / HD.

We know that the new smartphone from Apple will be a more powerful beast in terms of software and hardware, so will you need the two devices in your life? That is a tough question and one that you will need to answer yourself. For those of you who have a number of Apple products in your home as well as Apple TV, then you the iPad will help to complement your home – well that is what my cousin keeps telling me.

For those of you who watch videos on your iPhone a lot, then the iPad would be a great investment for you. As for gaming, the details on the iPad will blow you away. However, you will need to rethink your budget if you do get an iPad now, as the iPhone 4G / HD is only a few months down the road.



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