HTC Incredible Vs Motorola DROID: Will you upgrade on Verizon?

By Alan Ng - Apr 5, 2010

Judging by all the recent leaks and hints from Verizon themselves, regarding the highly anticipated HTC Incredible handset, we want to know exactly just how many of you will be upgrading to the phone.

It is common knowledge that the Motorola DROID remains the powerhouse handset on Verizon’s network at the moment, and now that the long awaited upgrade to Android OS 2.1 has finally rolled out to customers, we imagine some of you will be holding on to your ‘fresh’ DROID for some time.

But will the HTC Incredible tempt you as soon as it is released? We ask this, as all the signs are pointing towards the direction that the Incredible will be Verizon’s number one handset, in terms of performance and hardware specs.

I think it is fair to say that Verizon contract holders will be faced with a difficulut decision on whether to drop the DROID for the Incredible. Do you stick with your newly updated DROID handset, or do you move over to the Incredible with Android 2.1 out of the box.

We’ve created a poll below for you to have your say on this.

[poll id=”129″]

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  • Indee

    Upgrade? Not a chance!

    The Motorola DROID is the best out there..the shape, size, this thing looks and feels solid. Android 2.1 is the best smartphone OS and runs lightning smooth on the Droid so why would I need better hardware if the OS and apps are fully receptive already?

    HTC is cheap junk from China and this phone looks hideous with a stupid name. Droid incredible? sounds like they let someone with bad English name the thing.

    The only thing better than having a Moto Droid would be having 2 Moto Droids. Period.

    • Hector DROID

      yeah yeah yah mad cause you cant afford the incridible droid? i used to have the moto droid and upgraded made a very good decision not even the iphone 4g will be better than my incridible best phone out there. you cheap bastards just mad cause u cant afford it!


  • JFox

    I use my Moto Droid’s home dock and GPS Car holder. I assume the HTC will not have a home dock. Does it have the Google GPS? I will be sticking with my Droid.

  • sophware

    What I mean to ask, is whether there is any option to re-up your contract and get some discount. Perhaps some people have a 10% discount or other corporate-based option.

  • sophware

    What is the cost of the choice – $600?

  • Steven man

    THE MOTO DROID IS STILL BETTER THAN ALL THESE DAMN HTC PHONES TGAT COME OUT EVERY DAY,IM SICK OF HTC ALREADY, THE DROID STILL. HAS THE HIGHEST RES SCREEN OUT THERE AND NOW THAT 2.1 is out a lot of ppl are set with keeping it, slide out qwert, the thinnest slide out even, this is my phone for life

  • ThemachinE

    Wouldn't trade my Droid for any phone, whether coming out or already out, until a successor or something comes along that's worthy of being a successor

  • Marc

    Looks like a cool phone but any phone without a physical keyboard it a no for me.

  • Nate

    Tough decision…i love my droid because of the ability to switch out roms and always change things up. The incredible looks like a stinkin sweet phone though

  • Eric

    Nope, sticking with the droid. Considering how easy is to mod and how well it accepts those mods, it’ll be hard to find a phone to replace it.

  • Droiduser

    Ill stick with my droid for now until the iphone comes out for verizon 🙂

  • DrCheap

    no hardware keyboard = no replacement for my droid