HTC Incredible or iPhone 4G Release Date: What you waiting for?

By Peter Chubb - Apr 5, 2010

We are only 3 months into 2010 and already the smartphone market is heating up. We know that the HTC Incredible is coming, but we have no idea when – this is also the case with the rumored iPhone 4G. The Incredible is the one that we know for certain is coming, but we still have no idea when – or do we?

We recently learned from Engadget that the HTC Incredible would be Verizon bound very soon, thanks to some recent photographic evidence. However, Verizon customers will have a tough choice to make, they could go with the Incredible or wait for the iPhone 4G.

The latter is a tough one for two reasons, we are not certain if the handset exists and if it does, it might not launch on Verizon. However, we know that AT&Ts exclusivity deal with Apple ends soon, many suggesting summer 2010 – so opening the iPhone up to Verizon would be the logical step.

So there we have it, two great phones on the same network – both without a definite release date.

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  • It's good to hear that HTC will soon be launched on Verizon.

  • Vincent Mac

    Will probably wait until Droid 2 comes out. Very happy with Motorola so far.

  • stuart

    you guys are delusional. not that i am an iphone fan at all. i am a sprint customer waiting for the incredible so i can switch to verizon. you guys are idiots saying that apple doesnt care about its products. its the only company which time after time again puts out products that are smooth, sexy, and reliable. mac= best computer on the market, iphone= best phone offered, ipad= the only one offered at this point but its sexy as heck and works really well. it may not be for me or for many people, but you cant look past how well they put it together. you can go on for ever. apple puts together quality products, yes you pay for them but you cant over look how well they all work….i dont know why i dont just get an iphone…just cant get myself to jump the band wagon…

  • Anonymous

    I don't deal with Apple products: they're too expensive for what they offer, take the iPad for example, it has very little functionality not already provided by the iPod Touch and yet it costs how many hundreds of dollars? As froderick said I think Steve Jobs and the rest of his company are focused on their revenue rather than quality.

  • froderick

    verizon rep flat out said they don't want the iphone because apple makes all of the profits…so the verizon iphone is not logical won't happen and the bottom line is apple is selling the same two year old crap on a 4g network what a waste… crap camera…horrible att service for the time being…why waste your money on old technology…the iphone could be the incredible is they updated it like htc is doing but once again apple is more concerned about money rather than a quality product….but still if the incredible doesn't drop by the end of the month i'm cancelling my verizon service and going to a month to month $50 unlimited plan incredible could be my first smart phone and make verizon some money or my last draw with their poor quality phones…especially lg and their jimmy rigged phones

    • I am waiting for the iphone 4. I’m with sprint so the phones are kinda crappy. Hopefully we can get pass the ipad and focus on the next generation iphone!