HTC Incredible or iPhone 4G Release Date: What you waiting for?

We are only 3 months into 2010 and already the smartphone market is heating up. We know that the HTC Incredible is coming, but we have no idea when – this is also the case with the rumored iPhone 4G. The Incredible is the one that we know for certain is coming, but we still have no idea when – or do we?

We recently learned from Engadget that the HTC Incredible would be Verizon bound very soon, thanks to some recent photographic evidence. However, Verizon customers will have a tough choice to make, they could go with the Incredible or wait for the iPhone 4G.

The latter is a tough one for two reasons, we are not certain if the handset exists and if it does, it might not launch on Verizon. However, we know that AT&Ts exclusivity deal with Apple ends soon, many suggesting summer 2010 – so opening the iPhone up to Verizon would be the logical step.

So there we have it, two great phones on the same network – both without a definite release date.

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