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HTC Hero: 2.1 Android release date – update

We have some exciting news for HTC Hero owners in Europe now, as we have a potential release date for the highly anticipated update to version 2.1 of the Android operating system.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, the update could be arriving on the HTC Hero on April 16th, according to a recent email to an HTC Club member straight from the official HTC headquarters in Taiwan.

Just so you know, the 16th is a Friday, so the update will arrive just in time for the weekend, which follows similar trends for previous rollouts of Android 2.1.

Are you looking forward to the update? The Hero still remains a great handset to own, so let us know your thoughts on this.


  • Dex

    I spoke directly with HTC in the UK and they claim 'there is an update due – (remember here that there is no mention of Android 2.1) and that the update would be made available as soon as the issues with the Sense UI have been sorted out.

    Now where people claim that the Hero is the bees knees and works well..well I'm afraid not, I have been having so many issues with syncing to Google services and neither HTC or my mobile supplier can sort them out.

    So yes there is an update due, but no one has mentioned if it will be Andriod 2.1…in the meantime I gave up and bought myself a Desire..much better phone.

  • KenH

    What a debate over an update. I have had the Hero form Orange form day one and have to say this is the best phone I have had to dat…and I have had a few…
    The news of the 2.1 update is a great PR move from HTC and I certainly hope it happens but, like some of you, I wish HTC would place a notice on their website to confirm IF the update will happen or not. This would be a disaster that any comms company can ill afford…as I guess some of us may switch allegiance to *cough* Apple!
    Who, so far have never faile to update the iPhone.

  • Jez the Hero

    There is a lot of speculation about when it will happen and HTC often put the dates back but the last I heard it was actually scheduled for April 16th, this should be the date it is rolled out (at least in the UK)

  • wow

    Franz, your an idiot. We are supposed to listen to you….give me a break and please keep your stupidity off this website. Fucking idiot.

    • Franz Graser

      That's interesting. You call me an idiot because I relayed the information that the German HTC support guy gave me. That's insulting in the first place. On the other side you don't know better because there is no official update for the HTC Hero as yet (remember, it's the 16th of April today and where is the release?) and every other bit of information related to a possible release of the upgrade circulating on the internet is based on hearsay and every gadget blog is cribbing the "news" from the other.
      I'm not happy with the state of affairs either. But there's a certain degree of probability that HTC might have given up on the Hero. I'm not happy with that. But that doesn't make me an idiot.

  • Franz Graser

    No Android 2.1 for HTC Hero – Phoned with the German HTC support hotline yesterday. They told me quite frankly that there wouldn't be any update for the HTC Hero, be it Android 2.1 or otherwise. Sorry, folks!

  • Giancarlo

    great news… no hints about how the update will work? is it going to be OTA? will i need to root my hero and work the update offline?


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