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Free Apple iPad (not 3G) with a new Hyundai

Everyone and their dog knows that the hottest device at this moment is the Apple iPad, so it comes as no surprise that other companies will try to use the tablet device to their advantage. We recently learnt that Hyundai Motor America would be giving away a free iPad (not 3G) with every new Hyundai Equus luxury sedan sold.

This great free gift will serve a purpose, as it will come pre-loaded with a copy of the owner’s manual. This is certainly a great marketing ploy when it comes to promoting the launch of a new car – LA Times is shocked that the likes of BMW or Mercedes did not think of it first.

Apart from the free owners manual, owners of the new Equus will be able to make a service appointment by use of a free app that also comes installed. Getting a free gift worth $499 is much better than asking for the dealer to throw in free mats. We just hope that other carmakers do the same soon – then iPad sales will really take a jump.


  • Natalie

    I'm a full time university student. Nobody gave me free iPad but I would like to have my free iPad too.How can I get it?


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