Apple iPhone: OS 4.0 Release date, 4G on the way?

By Alan Ng - Apr 5, 2010

Some exciting news to bring iPhone owners now, as Apple has just sent out invites to selected groups via group, informing them about an upcoming event this week, in which they will be introducing iPhone OS 4.0.

As reported from Apple Insider, Apple will be holding the event on April 8th, which is this coming Thursday. The event will be taking place at 10am PT, and the world will finally get a glimpse of what Apple has to offer with their new iPhone operating system.

We already know third-party app multitasking will be coming, but what else can we expect? Will Apple mention anything about a new iPhone in relation to OS 4.0?

Head to Apple Insider, to view the ‘sneak peek’ image that Apple sent out in their email. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • VTRenegade

    I never say much online, but all the guessing and rumors over the past few months regarding the release of the new iPhone whatever apple chooses to call it have driven me nuts because it is just a bunch of wishy washy repetitive crap. Finally I am willing to make a statement of my own as an iPhone 3GS user, and huge fan I clearly believe that Apple will release the 4.0 OS TOMORROW!

    Mark my words I made this simple conclusion based upon one fact, and one fact only. Whenever I back up, and snyc my phone it tells me my software is up to date, and it shows me in iTunes a future date, that it will check for available software updates next. Usually that date is I believe roughly two weeks out. Today when I connected my phone to my pc I noticed when I was done that the fture next available software check in date was not two weeks out but instead it is in fact 06-07-2010. Coincidence? Maybe, but I find it highly unlikely since I was informed of the release of the 3.0 OS days in advance by an Apple Tech, and sure enough as we got closer these dates that it would check again became limited to the future date that they released OS 3.0.

  • I really disapointed I am going to have buy a new Ipod Touch because the multitasking option isn’t going to work on my current one. Other then that the OS looks pretty sweet. Nice post *Thumbs up*

  • Berry

    You never know with Apple, thats what makes them such a great company.