Apple iPad: Weak WiFi signal causing problems

By Alan Ng - Apr 5, 2010

Some worrying news to report now, as it has been revealed that customers in the US are suffering from weak WiFi signals on their newly purchased Apple iPad tablets.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, Apple forums and the official support site are jam packed with user complaints all related to weak WiFi signal problems.

This is likely due to the positioning of the antenna on the iPad, as it is located behind the Apple logo which could often lead to the antenna not being in an ideal position for the best signal.

This could be a huge problem for Apple, as this is a hardware issue, and not something can can be fixed with a simple software update.

The worse-case scenario would be a recall, but lets hope it does not come down to that. Do you have an iPad? Let us know if you have been experiencing a weak WiFi signal or not.


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  • kae yoonb

    Woooooops……There is no instruction book so I take a look the there thanks for Purchasing E-Mail with instruction Orientation It was slo……wly .but I have a forbearance in dealing with machine because This is not a first time I trying to see This instruction.and what happen is 2 or 3 minutes later It black out……………….and then Nothing happen!
    No power NO REACTION, Just nothintg…… is just 6 days later from my initial purchase

  • bdavis

    Every device in my house connects to my wifi perfected…..Except my brand new iPAD. Very disappointing and disturbing. Call Apple tech support they ultimately said take it to the apple store. The apple store "sorry it connects here fine". Unacceptable service and support for a widely known issue.

  • Joey Stimec

    I know how to fix the Ipad WIFI problems! Setup your router and switch your WLAN mode to 802.11g ( not (!) 802.11b/g because dual band is causing the problems ) and activate the WPA encryption and your Ipad WIFI connection will start to work perfectly!

  • Pongky

    I'm using WEP security and have 3G 32GB, it works in direct line of sight with the router, about 20ft away max, then when going through walls, it drops to about 10% of its signal, which sucks big time.

  • peter

    I have the same issue, not matter what I connect to. I few feets from the wireless access point. i have the 64 G 3g

  • peter

    I have the same issue, not matter what I connect to. I few feets from the wireless access point. i have the 64 G 3g

  • joefry

    yea – i'd say 50% of people have a problem with the wifi.
    Mine drops signal all the time, making the internet useless at times.

    no news means major problem. imho

  • leo

    yep, goes out few times a day, I have to go in and re-connect.

  • Tim

    Mine seems to work fine and I’ve noticed no wifi issues.

  • Anne

    Just got iPad and it wouldn't even see my wifi at a resonable distance. It only works if VERY close to router. Completely unacceptable!

  • Julie

    My wifi signal is fine – it seems to work just about as well as my MBP.