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Apple iPad Vs iPhone 3GS: App speed compared

Some interesting news to report to you now, as it has been revealed that Apps for the new Apple iPad performed at a considerably faster speed than Apps used on the iPhone 3GS, despite using the same hardware.

As reported from Apple Insider, App speed tests were carried out using an iPad running on iPhone OS 3.2 and an iPhone 3GS running version 3.0.

Hardware used was exactly the same, consisting of a Cortex A8 ARM processor, Power VR SGX 535 graphics and the same amount of RAM.

Tests concluded that the Apps on the iPad performed twice as fast as the iPhone when running Cocoa Touch apps. Overall performance as well as Javascript performance also favored the iPad.

What are your thoughts on this? Full analysis over at Apple Insider.


  • Joe

    Haven't read much about the S processor huh? The A4 is built around it. Completely different eh?

  • Ben

    But they don't use the same hardware do they?

    The iPad's processor is almost twice the clock speed of the 3GS's. Not to mention it's of a completely different architecture.

    Useless comparison.


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