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PS3 Update 3.21: Gamers fight back on Twitter and Facebook

It looks like the whole issue surrounding the recent PS3 update to v3.21 is far from over, as gamers are now looking to sue Sony for taking away a feature which they argue was part of the purchase process.

Of course, we are talking about the ‘Install Other OS’ option, which Sony removed with the PS3 update. It was quite a bitter blow for PS3 ‘fat’ owners, as thats all Sony did – i.e no new features came, only existing ones removed.

A rather lengthy message to gamers around the world is now being posted on sites like Facebook and Twitter, giving gamers information to take this matter further.

One of the lines of the text reads: ”If you have been affected by Sony’s 3.21 update file a complaint to the BBB and the FTC and your corresponding Attorney General.”

This is what happens when you really anger your trusted fanbase it seems. Head to the link below for the full message and links. Let us know what you intend to do about this problem.



  • beefy

    Sony has effed up big time. As Geohot has stated he was never going to touch CFW but now he has no choice. That’s how it works in the computer world. You tell someone no they can’t do something with the hardware they paid a lot of money for and a group of smarter people are going to say oh yeah… watch me. It was Sony that opened up Pandora’s box not Geohot. As for myself I could have cared less about CFW and hacking the ps3 because it did what I wanted it to do. I could watch movies, use it as a computer, and play games. I bought a home “computer” entertainment system and now they are trying to turn it into a gaming console. I don’t know about you guys but when I buy something I don’t like someone coming along and telling me their taking it back. So Sony here’s a BIG F U!!!! when the time comes I will be one of the many to keep what i paid for!!!!!

  • Mike

    GeoHot didn’t force Sony to do anything.

    He stated that all he was doing was tinkering with the PS3 hardware which as an owner he is fullly authorized to do so. He also stated that he had no intention of getting into the firmware scene with the PS3. Sony has shot themselves in the foot now because he has reversed his early comments and decided to jump wholeheartedly into publicizing hacks for the PS3.

    In addition the Linux user base will now be interested in delving deeper into the PS3 hardware which will only open up more weak spots.

    This will end up being swiss cheese like the PSP is.

  • Anonymous

    I laugh at all you people who blame geroge hotz, if you even follow his work you would know he doesn't even use Linux to hack the system, he has opened it up and done everything manually. Don't blame someone else for Sony's actions.

  • this is all geohot's falt for hacking it but there is a way around the update for now go here:

    It let's you bypass the need to update

  • aaaaaaaaa

    Right right, because Facebook and Twitter population are notorious for using Linux on the PS3 aren't they.

    I bet 99.999% of them don't even know what it is, or even that it was there, or ever even used it.

  • mornelithe

    I have the original 60g PS3 also, and even though I've never used the Linux option, nor have I ever really thought about using it, I still lay the entire blame squarely on the shoulders of George Hotz. Sony wasn't using other OS' to try to hack the PS3. Sony wasn't leaking these things online. George Hotz was. Everyone should collectively thank this man. He's single-handedly reducing the functionality of Sony's machine. And…he's working to circumvent this new patch also. Who knows what Sony will have to do to counter his newest line of crap.

    • I totally agree with u, GeoHot is the one to be blame and i really hope Sony can join force with Apple to arrest this guy.
      I don´t want my PS3 to become the next X360/Wii/PSP/DS infested with piracy.
      Not a smart move from Sony to remove a functionality but i totally support them and the game developers to be free of piracy.

      • Geohot isnt the cause of Sonys actions, yes he discovered a hole in the consoles security but Sony should look to patch the hole not to completely stop the use of a feature for those of us who want to use such a feature ligitably.

  • Ryan

    I have a fat ps3, I didn't even know I had the Other OS thing. Seriously If people want it back phone sony and thye should give it back to the people who want everyone I know doesnt want it

    • brad

      That's not the point tho.I thought about putting Lenix in my self. Big pain in the butt. But for people that have or might want to they should be able to have it. It's like taking BlueRay out of it.

      • Eric

        Its Linux, and BluRay


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